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The Chef

We are more than just cooks

Overview of Olive Branch Culinary Services

Founded in 2008 in New Hampshire as Olive Branch Personal Chef Service, and expanded to California in 2018, Olive Branch chefs go to clients’ homes and cook multiple meals for them on a weekly basis. The chefs work directly with their clients and design customized, weekly menus. On the cook days, the chef shops for groceries, goes to the client’s home, and cooks, packages and labels everything with reheating directions, and properly stores the food. 


Recently, chef Jhonathan Rupchand-Kokotek bought the company and as of April 30th, 2020, will become the new owner and renamed it to Olive Branch Culinary Services. There will be a new website for potential clients , which will intended to streamline the customer experience of finding the best service to fit their needs. The name will also change to Olive Branch Culinary Services as of April 30th. 

Jhonathan Rupchand-Kokotek


Jhonathan Rupchand-Kokotek was born and raised in Suriname, a former Dutch colony in South America, and emigrated from Suriname in 2002 to New York City. Growing up, Jhonathan loved cooking alongside his mother and spent many hours learning to make the traditional dishes his family brought with them to their new home. During his teens, he discovered the Food Network, and was inspired by chefs like Ina Garten and Bobby Flay to learn and master many unfamiliar techniques.


His love and passion for cooking led him to attend the culinary arts training and externship programs at the innovative City As School High School in New York City. During this program, Jhonathan was able to work at restaurants such as the New York Torch Club, Cafe Boulud, and Ouest restaurant. His longest internship was at Ouest, working under the direct supervision of Tom Valenti. Jhonathan credits Chef Valenti and his staff with teaching him the cooking techniques and managerial skills a chef needs to command a kitchen. 


After his professional training, Jhonathan was hired as executive chef at the Montauk Manor Hotel in Montauk, New York. Montauk Pioneer Magazine (2009) cited him, at age 21, as the area’s youngest chef, and his cuisine was also rated favorably in the Southampton Press (2009). Since his early years of working in the restaurant industry, Jhonathan continued to work in the culinary world. He has led and hosts cooking classes, provides high end catering, has operated pop-up restaurants in Manhattan, and provides solutions for new and established restaurants struggling with menu and staff issues.


Jhonathan’s cooking combines French and Italian techniques with West-Indies and international ingredients to create robust flavors in the food he prepares. His current chef icons are Gordon Ramsay, Padma Lakshmi, and José Andrés.

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