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Bringing Peace to Mealtime

Servicing San Francisco and Peninsula Area 

Fresh  |  Organic  |  Local 

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The Benefits
of Having a Personal Chef

Relax at the end of the day with time to do the things you really want to do!

No Contracts; Pause & Resume Service Anytime!


Most of us spend many hours each week deciding what to have for dinner, shopping for ingredients, preparing meals, cleaning up, driving for take-out, or waiting in restaurants. When you add up the cost of all that, the cost of a personal chef isn’t much different. Plus, how many times do groceries or meals you cook go bad or do not get used up? With a personal chef, there is no waste.


We can provide you with restaurant quality meals without the large amounts of calories and fat. Our style of cooking is gourmet and health conscious without sacrificing flavor. By using high quality, fresh ingredients, we let the natural flavors of food stand out. If you are following a special diet, we can assist you in achieving your health goals.


When hungry, and short on time or inspiration, plenty of us go for the quick fix of take-out. Although these meals can be tasty, they aren’t foods many of us would like to eat on a regular basis. Your Personal Chef can provide you with fresh, exceptional meals made with high-quality, seasonal, local, and all-natural ingredients cooked just for you.

Who Uses Us

  • Busy Professionals

  • Active Families

  • New Parents

  • Retirees

  • Physically Disabled

  • People undergoing or recovering from medical treatment

  • Those with a Special Diet or Allergies

  • Anyone wanting to eat healthier

  • Food Lovers without the time or desire to cook

Cakes & Speciality Desserts

We specialize in custom cakes for your birthday or special occasion in addition to a variety of speciality desserts.

The Benefits

glimpse of our desserts

Take a look at our extensive selection of health bars, healthy snacks, gluten-free and sugar-free desserts.

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